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Laser Perforation

Fruit and vegetables are living products undergoing a ripening process, which causes gradual changes in the quality. An important part of the process is the product’s respiration, in which the product consumes oxygen and expels carbon dioxide, water and heat. Fruit and vegetables expel ethylene. Ethylene is a gas which accelerates the ripening process in fruit and vegetables. The ethylene liberation and sensitivity to ethylene varies from product to product.

Both the respiration and the liberation of ethylene depend on the temperature. Maintaining the right temperature, gas mix and moisture in the packaging are important elements to create an efficient extension of the shelf life for fruits and vegetables.

Perforation of the packaging is a solution to control the atmosphere inside the packaging, as the holes are a way of steering a continued transport of oxygen into the packaging. At the same times carbon dioxide can get out of the packaging. The size of the holes must be adapted to the product, the packaging film and not least the distribution temperature.

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